Verify your academic records and improve your career chances.

Improve your career chances by sharing verified and authenticated academic records with potential employers. All records are secured with Blockchain Technology.

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Increase your career chances with verified and verifiable credentials

Akowe is building the one true source of verified and verifiable academic records across Sub-Saharan Africa. Our ecosystem consists of Tertiary Institutions, who are primarily the issuers of academic records, graduates and career professionals, as well as potential employers and foreign universities.

1. List your academic records on Akowe

Sign up and list your academic credentials. List your NYSC Certificate, your first degree, Masters degree etc.

2. We verify the authenticity of your records

We work with the issuing authority to digitally authenticate your records, thereby validating the record.

3. Increase your career chances

Your verified credentials are secured on the blockchain and can be publicly or privately shared with employers or other institutions.

Join thousands of other career professionals using Akowe

Verifiable, tamper-proof academic records, secured by blockchain technology

Prepare for the futue of work, secure your important academic records using Akowe. Never lose your important academic records again

Physical documents are prone to damage or loss. Get on the digital side.

Academic credentials are too valuable to remain only in physical form. By listing your credential with Akowe, you take the first step in securely digitizing your records.

We help you verify the authenticity of your listed credentials

Saving your credentials in your email and other online drives is good, but not good enough. Akowe goes the extra mile to authenticate your credentials, making them more useful to you in digital form.

A new experience people love to talk about

"Wow, I definitely would love to have an app where i keep all my verified academic records and certifications, making them easy to reach wherever i am in the world. "

Career Professional, works at Facebook.

"We currently spend so much time, money and energy in trying to verify the credentials of potential emplployees. A central place like Akowe will definitely remove a lot of stress and improve turn around times for us."

HR Professional - Business Owner

"This will certainly help me meet international schooling deadlines faster. With verified credentials stored on blockchain, i think the schools abroad will be able get my credentials quicker. "

Career Professional - Recent graduate

Frequently Asked Questions

# What does Akowe do?

Akowe currently offers two different services. Digital Issuance of certificates and Verification of existing certificates or academic records.

# Is Akowe free to use?

It is totally free to signup and list your academic records on Akowe. Verification of your records is also currently free. This might come at a cost in the near future.

# What do I gain by using Akowe for my academic records?

Physical records are easily forged and duplicated. Digital records stored on the blockchain are tamper-proof, leading to a higher trust factor for your credentials. When you list your credentials on Akowe, we work with your school or institution to verify the authenticity of your credential and then we save your verified credential on the blockchain.

# Can I request my Transcripts via Akowe?

Yes, we will be launching the Transcripts service in a few weeks. Please begin the process by listing your credentials.

# Will I be able to share my credentials safely?

Your academic records remain your sole property even after listing them on Akowe. You will be able to share your credentials via social media to your networks or via email to potential employers.

Do you need to issue Certificates Digitally?

Akowe can issue 1,000 Certificates in less than 30 minutes. Perfect for Training Organizations and Professional Associations.

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