Issue 1,000 Digital Certificates in less than 30 minutes

Quit stressing over manual methods. All your training participants will receive their certificates in their email, customized exactly as you want it.

Start Issuing Certificates

Issuing digital certificates automatically create more awareness for your training programs

Issue Digital Certificates in Three Simple Steps

Issue 20, 200 or 2,000 certificates, all automated.

STEP 1: Upload Your Certificate

Prepare your certificate for upload. Upload your Certificate in .JPG or .PNG formats. Your Certificate should contain everything else except the Name of the recipient and the Issue Date.

  • Easy to Customize

    Drag and drop the Sample Name to the desired location on your certificate. Do the same for the Date. Choose from over 80 different fonts for both Name and Date. Choose your colours too.

  • Save Templates

    For organizations that issue certificates frequently, you can save templates that allow you to save your work and reuse them later.

STEP 2: Upload list of recipients

Akowe is capable of sending thousands of eCertificates. All you need to do is prepare your list of recepients in an Excel sheet format.

  • Upload CSV File

    A CSV file is a simple spreadsheet containing all the details that will be automatically printed on your certificate before sending out.

  • Customize Sender

    Customize the Name recepeints will see as the sender as well as the reply-to email address where recepients can reply to.

STEP 3: Issue Certificates

Once your CSV file has been uploaded and there are no syntax errors, (we'll tell you if there are), send off your certificates to the waiting recepients

  • Data Validation

    We'll automatically show you if there are any incorrect data in your CSV file such as incorrect email address syntax.

  • Issue 1,000 certificates in 30 minutes

    All your recipients will get a unique link in their email to their certificates. They can also download their certificates as PDF documents.


Buy as many Certificate Credits as you need. They do not expire. 1 Certificate Credit is equal to one recipient.

0 - 500 Recipients

Perfect for small business

N125 / Recipient
  • Upload Your Certificate
  • Choose Your Fonts
  • Choose your colours
  • Customize Sender Address
  • Issue Single Certificates
  • Issue Certificates in bulk

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