Improve your career chances, verify your academic records!

We verify the authenticity of all your academic credentials, making Akowe the one true platform for verified and verifiable academic records across Sub-Saharan Africa.

List Your Academic Records

Sign up and list your academic credentials. List your first degree, Masters degree etc

We Verify Authenticity of your Records

We work with the issuing authority to authenticate your records, thereby validating your records.

Increase your Career Chances

Employers use Akowe to verify the authenticity of your credentials thereby increasing your career chances

Issue Digital Certificates in Bulk

We created a Certificate Issuance Engine that helps simplify the issuance of certificates for Educators. In 3 simple steps, you can issue 1,000 certificates in less than 30 minutes.

Upload your Certificate Design.

Upload your certificate design leaving only the name and the issue date blank. PNG files are best.

Upload Recipients

Upload your list recipients in a simple spreadsheet including email addresses of each recipient. A sample is available when you log in.


It’s that easy, issuance is a breeze. You can see the progress as the certificates are issued to each recipient.

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