Digital Certificates are the new normal! Get on board today

Digital Certificates are the new normal! Get on board today

Digital Certificates are here!

As far as certificates are concerned, Digital Certificates are the new normal. 2020 and the pandemic showed us that businesses who do not embrace digital tools for business operations are going to be left with the short end of the stick. The Global pandemic has made sure that new realities are the norm. Working from home is no longer a myth, and we now see that we can save millions of Naira monthly by being efficient with our time, working from home and being more productive.

Hard copy certificates are old fashioned. They are prone to damage or loss, or your kids can happen to them. They are often very difficult to obtain as they require physical travel, thus money energy and time. This often leads to loss off opportunity or at least a lot of stress. More importantly, however, hard copy certificates are prone to forgery,and are easily tampered with.

Digital certificates on the other hand, bring you all the benefits of the hard copy certificate but without any of its flaws. The best of both worlds really. They are easily shared across social media platforms, easily issued via email, and with block-chain technology, digital certificates become tamper-proof and secured. This is what Akowe brings to your fingertips.

How does Akowe Work?

Akowe works in three simple steps. It’s so simple you will be amazed.

First, you upload your already-designed certificate as an image file. We accept both .jpg or .png files. And if you do not have an already designed certificate, we can certainly help you with that as well. Your uploaded design should have the name space and the issue date space blank. You will be able to drag and drop the name and the issue date to the desired position on your certificate. You can choose from over 80 fonts, change the font colour, change the font size and make it bold or italics. It doesn’t get better than this.

Secondly, you upload a list of all the recipients in an Excel Sheet (.csv file format). We have a handy sample you can download to get you started. Just make sure to include all the recipients in your list. First name, middle name, last name, issue date and email address. Don’t worry if some of your recipients dont have middle names, just leave that field blank.

Finally, press the send button and watch as your certificates are issued to all your recipients. Akowe will create the digital certificates, and email it to each recipient in your list. Your recipients will receive a link to their certificate, which they can view at any time. They can also download their certificate as a PDF file and print it if they want. Sharing their certificate is easy as we have included easy share buttons.

Organic Marketing for your Training Programs

Certificates are a thing of pride. Bragging rights or proof of accomplishments. Over 50% of people who receive digital certificates will share it to their social media networks on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. This is additional marketing for your training programs, giving your training programs more visibility and greater reach. Wouldn’t you rather issue digital certificates? Get started at Akowe.app

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