Akowe in the Pitch Room – Founder Institute Africa Showcase

Akowe in the Pitch Room – Founder Institute Africa Showcase

Akowe is proud Founder Institute Portfolio Company. The Founder Institute is the Largest pre-seed Accelerator in the world. It is based in Silicon Valley and has local chapters in over 100 countries.

Akowe joined the pre-seed accelerator early 2021 and emerged as one of the few startups to complete the tough but equally rewarding accelerator program. As part of the promotion of the great startups coming out of Africa, the Founder Institute Africa regional office put together the first ever Founder Institute Africa Showcase event, selecting three startups each from four African countries, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.

Akowe was selected alongside Bellafricana and Jojolo to represent Nigeria in the Founder Institute Africa Showcase event.

We are proud of what we are building and we are even more proud that we are building it right here in Lagos Nigeria with Nigerians. We are working hard to solve the problems of lost or damaged Academic records and all the attendant problems.

We are currently building out features that would allow you save your credential on the blockchain for easy access anywhere in the world. If you would like to get notified when we launch these features, click here. 


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