Digital Certificates in Nigeria

Digital Certificates in Nigeria

Digital Certificates in NigeriaDigital certificates in Nigeria are not yet as popular as they should be. Akowe is on a mission to introduce digital certificates to educators and institutions of learning in Nigeria. Our proprietary digital issuance engine can issue 1,000 digital certificates in less than 30 minutes.

As business processes and tools become more and more digital, it is only a matter of time before digital certificates in Nigeria will become mainstream, and there are many reasons why this is so.

As at today, almost all certificates issued by Nigeria Tertiary Institutions are physical, hard copy Certificates. This situation, coupled whit the very high unemployment rate in the country, has led to a lot of forgeries of certificates. This has in turn led to high costs of verification of academic records incurred by employers, HR firms and other stakeholders. These costs are high in terms of money, time and energy. The typical verification of academic records can take between 2 weeks to 6 months.

Digital Certificates solve all of these problems and Akowe is pioneering this solution in very innovative ways.

Akowe and Digital Certificates in Nigeria

With Akowe, all your certificate issuance troubles are laid to rest. Here are more than a few reasons to start using Akowe today.

  1. Once you decide to go digital, you will no longer incur printing costs of physical certificates
  2. Akowe works in three simple steps. You upload a designed certificate, upload the list of recipients, Send!
  3. We give you 10 free certificate credits to test run your digital issuance. We also provide some sample certificates for your inspiration.
  4. You simply use our drag and drop technology to position the names and issue date on the certificate.
  5. Choose from over 80 fonts, set font size, set font colour, bold or italics. The choice is yours. Save all the settings as a reusable template.
  6. You can preview the certificate before issuing them. You get to see what it would look like after issuance. All recipients get their certificate via email.
  7. You set the reply-to email, customize the subject of the email, customize the body of the email.
  8. Recipients can download their certificates as PDF, they can also share their certificates via social media.
  9. Digital Certificates issued via Akowe are verifiable, as we verify the issuer, before they can issue certificates via our platform.
  10. Recipients can also create an Akowe Wallet for safe keeping of their credentials. The Akowe wallet is also available as a Mobile app on the Google Play Store.
  11. When you issue digital certificates and your recipients share their certificates on social media, you gain free marketing for your institution and your training programs.


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