Chief Executive, Premier Hub, George Einye (left); Chairman, Trade Promotion Board, Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), Engr. Leye Kupoluyi; Chief Executive, Akowe, Ayodeji Agboola; President, LCCI, Dr. Michael Olawale-Cole; Deputy President, Gabriel Idahosa and Member, Mrs. Agness Shobajo during a Pitch Session at the second day of the 8th edition of 2022 Information Communication Technology and Telecommunication Expo (ICTEL EXPO) in Lagos

It takes the Earth 365 days to complete a cycle but with the rush of developments powered by technology it seems this cycle occurs every second; Internet speeds increase yearly by 40%, countries witness annual GDP boost via tech, even farmers spend less time in crop production. But this rapid pace is not enjoyed globally in all countries! In places like Nigeria only half of its population has access to these benefits. To discuss these challenges and their solutions  the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry convenes the largest tech exhibition in Africa: ICTEL EXPO. Akowe is proud to have participated in this year’s discussions but also excited to have emerged winner of the competitive pitch session organized during the 2 day event . 

This year’s ICTEL EXPO is special

The Information Communication Technology and Telecommunication Expo (ICTEL EXPO) has been convened 8 times. However, this year’s expo tagged  “Ensuring Efficient Digital Infrastructure in Nigeria” was special not just because it had great captains of industry such as Tony  Elumelu of Heirs Holdings but because it’s decision to focus on the untapped potential of the Nigeria’s digital sector, shows that the Nigerian tech space has been making waves too huge to be ignored!

In keeping with its theme of showcasing the solutions that technology startups have to offer, a pitch competition was held where various Startups pitched their unique offerings

Akowe competed against 5 other brilliant startups with exciting offerings at the ICTEL pitch competition :

  1. Smart parcel: Allows individuals to personally drop off their parcels at secure drawers nearest to them and have recipients also  pick this up at  drawers closest to them.
  2. Kids read art: Speeds up the  reading pace for Nigerian children aged 3- 8 years by gamifying reading tasks. 

Amongst these innovative solutions Akowe pitched its two key features centered on its  ability to:

  1.  issue online certificates in bulk  at affordable prices
  2. easily verify credentials to solve the problems of fake certificates and reduce transcripts collection time from months to mere minutes

As you know by the headline we won! WOOHOO to us. 

We are excited by what this means

The ICTEL 2022 Pitch competition was held to expose the most brilliant startups in Nigeria.

Being selected by industry giants at the biggest Tech expo in Africa is an authoritative yes to 3 important features our product offers,  which include:  

  1. Useful solutions to the NIgerian populace
  2. Offerings that are achievable.
  3. Offerings that  improve lives.

 We’ve unveiled our Akowe App . This lets you access our simple tools for verification and certificate issuance on the go.  Stay tuned for more strides in the digital space.

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