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Akowe Affiliate Program

The Akowe Affiliate Program is a marketing program that helps our affiliates earn a decent commission, not only once, but into the future.

We believe strongly in the powerful features of our product, not just because we built it, but also because our current customers attest to how simpler it has made their life. But we are also very aware that a great product is on the first step in the right direction. The most important thing now is our distribution channel for getting Akowe into the hands of the many users out there who are currently unaware of us and our great product.

Akowe - Great Product for Affiliates
Testimonials from international customers

What will you be marketing?

Akowe currently offers three distinct services. Digital Issuance of Certificates, A Digital Wallet for storing academic records, and Verification of Academic Records.

As an Akowe Affiliate, you will be marketing the Digital Issuance of Certificates. It is our first product to hit the market and has been growing quite quickly. We have acquired a total of 10 corporate customers, which includes 2 international customers.

How will it work?

We believe in simplicity. We also believe in rewarding our affiliates long term. Therefore, we have designed the affiliate program with fairness and decent returns in mind. Please read on.

  1. As an Affiliate, we will provide you with all the necessary marketing materials that can aid your marketing with your potential referrals. As an affiliate, you should also familiarize yourself with our pricing model. We would also provide you with some basic training on how Akowe works and how you can convince potential customers.
  2. From our experience, customer will need to have one or two meetings before they commit. We are available for all meetings on your behalf.
  3. Once your referral commits and makes a payment, your 1 year earning period commences. You will earn 25% commissions on any certificate credits they buy from Akowe in the 1 year term. The more customers you refer to us, the more you earn in commissions into the future.
  4. Akowe reserves the right to remove affiliates who are found to be fraudulent or acting in ways not beneficial to Akowe or its customers.

How do I apply?

  1. To get started as an Akowe Affiliate, you must first read through the terms and conditions contained in the marketing materials. Click here to download the marketing materials.
  2. Join other Affiliates in our dedicated in our dedicated WhatsApp Group here. We hold regular training sessions to aid you in your marketing.

Last Edited April 6, 2022.