List your credentials, we’ll verify them.

Employers and HR Firms are constantly confirming the authenticity of the credentials you present, Improve your career chances by presenting verified credentials.

Verifiable, tamper-proof academic records, secured by blockchain technology

Prepare for the future of work, secure your important academic records using Akowe. Never lose your important academic records again

Physical documents are prone to damage or loss. Get on the digital side.

Academic credentials are too valuable to remain only in physical form. By listing your credential with Akowe, you take the first step in securely digitizing your records

We help you verify the authenticity of your listed credentials

Saving your credentials in your email and other online drives is good, but not good enough. Akowe goes the extra mile to authenticate your credentials, making them more useful to you in digital form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Akowe currently offers two different services. Digital Issuance of certificates and Verification of existing academic records.

Physical records are easily forged and duplicated. Digital records stored on the blockchain are tamper-proof, leading to a higher trust factor for your credentials. When you list your credentials on Akowe, we work with your school or institution to verify the authenticity of your credential and then we save your verified credential on the blockchain.

It is totally free to signup and list your academic records on Akowe. Verification of your records is also currently free. This might come at a cost in the near future.

We will be launching the Transcripts service in the near future. Please begin the process by listing your credentials.

Your academic records remain your sole property even after listing them on Akowe. Verified credentials on Akowe are safely stored using blockchain technology.

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