Akowe listed as top 30 African startups by Yale Africa Startup Review

Akowe Top 30 African Startups – YASR

We are thrilled to announce that our startup has been recognized by the prestigious Yale Africa Startup Review as one of the top 30 startups in Africa for 2023. This is an incredible accomplishment that we are extremely proud of.

This recognition is a testament to the hard work, innovation, and dedication of our team in solving problems in Africa, specifically in the area of verified and verifiable academic records using blockchain technology. It is an honor to be among the top 30 startups selected out of hundreds of applications, and we are grateful for this opportunity to showcase our mission and impact.

The Yale Africa Startup Review is a leading publication that shines a spotlight on promising and impactful startups on the African continent. Being selected as one of the top 30 startups provides us with a valuable opportunity to network, collaborate, and learn from other startups, investors, and industry experts.

As a startup, we remain committed to excellence, and this recognition is proof that we are on the right path. We are excited to continue growing and scaling our business, and this recognition will serve as a motivation to keep pushing forward and never give up on our vision. Take a simple idea, take it seriously.

We will continue to serve educators with our digital issuance platform for digital certificates, our digital wallet, where certificate holders can safely house all their academic records secured by blockchain technology, and our academic records verification platform.

We want to thank the Yale Africa Startup Review for this recognition and everyone who has supported us on our journey. We look forward to the opportunities and growth that this recognition will bring, the millions of Africans around the world whom our solution will be helpful to, and the institutions that will be helped thereby.

Akowe listed as top 30 startups by Yale Africa Startup Review
Akowe listed as top 30 startups by Yale Africa Startup Review

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