Akowe Customer API

Akowe Customer API

Akowe Customer API

Digital Certificates and Digital Credentials represent the modern way of credentialing. Not only are they easily retrieved on the go, they are also verifiable, hence increasing the authentic nature and validity of the credential. Akowe’s Digital Issuance platform has been issuing digital credentials since late 2020 and has issued over 35,000 digital certificates as at today. The Akowe Customer API is designed to help bring digital credentials closer to all stake holders namely Educational and Professional Institutions, Certificate Holders, Employers and Embassies. Check our our documentation here.

We recognize the need to help educational and professional institutions transform digitally when it comes to the credentials they issue, and this is why we have gone ahead to release our Customer API.

The greatest challenge to digital transformation is the fear of data loss, and the fear of data tampering. Akowe’s utilizes blockchain technology to secure credentials it issues. This makes certificates issued via Akowe to be immutable (tamper-proof), highly secured and above all, verifiable.

Who does our API benefit?

The Akowe Customer API is designed to let educational institutions privately integrate our digital issuance systems into their own systems. That way, they don’t need to perform all the digital issuance processes on our platform, but rather from their own existing systems, leading to more confidence in their data policies and data security. Certificates issued via our digital issuance engine will still be secured via our blockchain technology.

The main beneficiaries of our Customer API are:

  1. School Management Software Companies
  2. Learning Management Software Companies
  3. Professional Institutes
  4. Higher Institutions: Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education.
  5. Primary and Secondary Schools
  6. Any other institutions that require digital verifiable credentials.

Does this change the public offering?

No. Akowe’s award winning digital issuance systems remain publicly available to organizations who need to use our digital issuance systems directly on our platform. Our systems have seen constant improvement since inception and will continually be improved to match customer expectations.

Please feel free to reach out to us via email at biro [@] akowe dot app or any of the existing channels. We are very responsive.

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